This is the most popular way our clients buy training as it offers a cost-effective means of skill development that is often specifically suited to their staff group. Developed for all grades and experience levels, we aim to reduce the need to use multiple agencies to fulfil training requirements.

You can choose from our current range of readily prepared courses or resources, have these slightly bespoke, or we can discuss specific training needs.

Through experience, Harrison Training has developed a range of resources and levels of support to facilitate the successful running of events. We aim to make it as easy as possible, and keep it time and cost effective for the course organiser to make it/them happen.

There are several steps to organising a training event with us:

  1. Identify the training or course/s required

    Do this by clicking the Training Courses button to view all courses. This allows you to access more information about the course content for each course listed. Or Contact us to discuss bespoke training: either click on the Contact us button on the left of the screen or telephone us.
  2. Clarify the requirements for each course

    Do this by clicking on the Organiser Information Associates with your chosen course/s. This is found with the relevant course via Training Courses
  3. Establish the cost

    Train internal staff only

    All administration (including advertising, processing applicants, etc) provision of refreshments, venue and requirements as per the Organiser Information, is the responsibility of the organiser

    Train internal staff and some external

    Places not taken by internal staff can be made available to external participants. Advertising can be done jointly with Harrison Training. The event can be either fully organised internally, including the processing of external applicants, or Harrison Training can support this. Provide a venue Provision of a venue and onsite support for Harrison Training to run a course. This offers discounted places to internal staff wishing to attend.
  4. Contact us

    This allows us to:
    • discuss options
    • clarify cost
    • agree dates
    • confirm Terms and Conditions
    • complete the booking process
    • finalise requirements with you
    Please Contact us by clicking this link or the button on the left of the screen and submitting your query.
  5. Prepare and run the event

  6. Feedback and summary

Please note that Harrison Training provide guidelines on running an in-house training event or course. To obtain these, please click the button on the left of the screen. Note that we can provide checklists, and templates for all the relevant forms and documents.


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Charitable Activity

Part of our Company vision is to support those who are disabled and have limited access to healthcare resources, economic independence, and choices in their lives and occupations. We have found that these people, particularly in developing countries, also tend to be poor, disadvantaged, and marginalised within their communities.

We believe that we reap what we sow. To reflect something of our values, beliefs and purpose, we are committed to giving of our time, skills, knowledge, and profit, to benefit those who have less, particularly where disability is an issue.

Harrison Training has partners in Romania and Tanzania, with whom we collaborate, to provide practical and tangible support that impacts the daily lives of individuals affected by disability, and their caregivers.


  • An access audit and advice on inclusive design – Hargita Christian Centre, Transylvania
  • Provision of adaptive and medical equipment to initiate a Home Loans Scheme – Romania
  • Provision of a Mountway Aquila bath lift to a children’s hospice in Braşov; and to a family caring for five of their children affected by Muscular Dystrophy
  • Walking aids and wheelchairs
  • Provision of equipment for an older persons home
  • Advice on design and accessibility for the Eben Haezer Older Persons Home
  • Participating in a conference for disabled people, those who work with them, and caregivers

Unit 2
The Business Courtyard
Pyle Farm
Marl Pitts Lane
BA11 5DL
tel/fax: 01373 836 972