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Professional Practice Training Courses

MH6 Mindfulness for Pain Management
PP1 Developing Skills in Supervision
PP13 An Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring in Long-term Conditions
PP14 Solutions to Health Behaviour Change
PP15 Career Development Mentoring
PP4 Effective Stress Management
PP5 Improve your Emotional Intelligence
PP6 The OT Focused Rehab Process
SP1 Using Standardised Assessments to Evaluate Outcomes
SP10 Goal Setting in Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation: Evaluating Client-Centred Outcomes
SP2 Goal Setting in Occupational Therapy: Evaluating Client-Centred Outcomes
SP4 Implementing the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) In Practice
SP5 Standardised Assessment in Occupational Therapy
SP5a Using Standardised Assessments to Measure Outcomes - Key Issues

Standardised Assessment in Occupational Therapy with Special Emphasis on: Clients with Learning Disabilities (Masters level accredited)

SP5-MH Standardised Assessment in Occupational Therapy with Special Emphasis on: Adults with Mental Health Disorders
SP5P Paediatrics
(5 days workshop: An initial 3 day course, followed by a 2 day course
approximately 3 months later)

Standardised Assessment in Occupational Therapy with Special Emphasis on: Adults with a Stroke

SP6 Communicating the OT Perspective Through Your Documentation
SP8 Interviewing From a Client-Centred Perspective

Course dates

There are no course dates fixed for Professional Practice Training Courses currently. Please Contact us if you would like to enquire about this type of course.


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Charitable Activity

Part of our Company vision is to support those who are disabled and have limited access to healthcare resources, economic independence, and choices in their lives and occupations. We have found that these people, particularly in developing countries, also tend to be poor, disadvantaged, and marginalised within their communities.

We believe that we reap what we sow. To reflect something of our values, beliefs and purpose, we are committed to giving of our time, skills, knowledge, and profit, to benefit those who have less, particularly where disability is an issue.

Harrison Training has partners in Romania and Tanzania, with whom we collaborate, to provide practical and tangible support that impacts the daily lives of individuals affected by disability, and their caregivers.


  • An access audit and advice on inclusive design – Hargita Christian Centre, Transylvania
  • Provision of adaptive and medical equipment to initiate a Home Loans Scheme – Romania
  • Provision of a Mountway Aquila bath lift to a children’s hospice in Braşov; and to a family caring for five of their children affected by Muscular Dystrophy
  • Walking aids and wheelchairs
  • Provision of equipment for an older persons home
  • Advice on design and accessibility for the Eben Haezer Older Persons Home
  • Participating in a conference for disabled people, those who work with them, and caregivers

Unit 2
The Business Courtyard
Pyle Farm
Marl Pitts Lane
BA11 5DL
tel/fax: 01373 836 972