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In a rapidly changing and fast developing world, there is a need to be responsive and adaptable. This is particularly true within the areas of health and social care provision, which are currently undergoing significant change.

At Harrison Training, our overall objective is to provide the ‘stepping stones’ by which our clients, individuals or teams, can acquire and develop the skills needed to respond to these demands effectively, now and in the future. We are not interested in delivering quick and easily forgotten training courses. Instead, we work with our clients to provide high quality training which develops teams for the long term. We do this by providing, either ‘in-service’, or organised events for individuals to attend:

Our network of highly skilled and experienced Associates enables us to offer a wide range of services, and work with increasing numbers of clients (both public and private sector) in identifying appropriate resources to meet demands for service improvement and Continuous Professional Development (CPD). These include in areas of clinical practice, leadership and professional skill development.



Next available courses

Ref Location/s Start date Duration Cost
Occupational Therapy for the Rehabilitation of People with Neurological Upper Limb Disorders Places available
NA2 London 04/07/2020 2 days
Functional Electrical Stimulation for the Upper Limb in Neurological Rehabilitation Places available
NA8 London 06/07/2020 1 day
Upper Limb Splinting for Children and Young People Places available
P10 London 03/10/2020 2 days
Apraxia - Implementing the Evidence into Practice Places available
NA5 Derby 20/10/2020 2 days

NEW BOOK Now Available

How to do Constraint Induced Movement Therapy: a practical guide

How to do Constraint Induced Movement Therapy: a practical guide. Based on our popular CIMT courses which are endorsed by the UK Stroke Forum.
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