Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

Newly Published - CIMT with Children

How to do Constraint Induced Movement Therapy: a practical guide

Following on from the success of our CIMT with adults book and the development of our courses, this CIMT with children book in now available!
A practical guide it will allow therapists to implement CIMT with their clients.

We are pleased to offer a practical book for therapists to use on a day-to-day basis in their clinics, or with individuals for whom CIMT is the chosen intervention.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy is a NICE recommended, highly effective treatment for people who have upper limb dysfunction. Having been underused it is now rapidly growing in popularity by therapists working in neurological rehabilitation.

For clients with upper limb dysfunction following stroke or spinal cord injury, this technique involves restricting the unaffected limb in order to ensure the affected arm and hand is used to perform functional tasks.

The results can be amazing.


This book (soon to be reprinted for the third time) has been written by therapists (Annie Meharg PT & Jill Kings OT) to provide a practical guide for therapists wishing to find out more about CIMT, and for those wanting to use CIMT with their clients but not feeling confident enough to get started. This will support you throughout with tips and ideas from therapists and clients who have already used it.

"This book … is useful for therapists thinking of setting up a constraint induced therapy (CIMT) programme or those interested in what it may look like but are unsure where to start."

"If you need examples of intensive exercises, patient information leaflets or checklists, I would highly recommend this book."

Adine Adonis - Vice chair of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology

A Russian version is already available click here to find our more.


NEW BOOK Now Available

How to do Constraint Induced Movement Therapy: a practical guide

How to do Constraint Induced Movement Therapy: a practical guide. Based on our popular CIMT courses which are endorsed by the UK Stroke Forum.
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