Having booked a training event or course with Harrison Training, the following guidelines may help you to consider all the aspects of organising a successful event. It should help you to organise your training easily and efficiently and guide you through your responsibilities. We have included as much information as possible but we are always happy to offer any additional support if needed.

Before the Course

If you have booked, or are considering booking, a standard Harrison Training course, please ensure that you have read the [Organiser Information] Associates with that course, found via [Training Courses]. This will provide you with specific information for room layout, audio visual requirements and other essential equipment that you need to source.

General information is as follows:

  1. Identify the one person who will liaise with Harrison Training

    A course administrative checklist is available for the organiser
  2. Book a suitable venue, food, and equipment

    Space and Layout
    For most courses the room must be big enough for delegates to sit comfortably at tables large enough to hold an open A4 ring binder for each person. The use of a single desk arm is not comfortable. In addition the room layout should be in classroom style unless specified on the Organiser Information for that course. If you're not sure, please ask. Please ensure that you carry out a health and safety risk assessment and tape any leads to the floor.
    Ambient and overhead lighting should be adjustable, by the tutor, to ensure both the quality of audiovisual presentations and the ability to take notes. Ideally, a room with plenty of natural light also ensures a good learning environment.
    Breaks and refreshments
    We aim for the highest standards in all aspects of our training and as such, refreshments and lunches must be of the highest quality. A training course with poor catering is not only disappointing for the participants, but can impede their learning ability and reflects badly on your organisation and Harrison Training. If possible, breaks and other related activities should occur outside the training room. A selection of teas, coffee, water and juice should be served for participants upon arrival and at break and lunch times specified on the course programme.
    On site support
    A variety of support services may be needed during a course. Tutors may need assistance with handouts (please note: there may be incidental stationery costs related to this), trouble shooting for failed equipment, etc. We request that a support person be available if assistance is required.
    Please check that all audiovisual and course equipment required (as specified on the Organiser Information) is available and is in good working order.
    Service users
    Service users are required for certain courses, e.g., NB3, NA1, NA2 and NB 4. Please see the organiser information or discuss with us. A Service User Disclaimer Form is available from Harrison Training
  3. Advertise the training event as required

    If places for external applicants are available, Harrison Training can also advertise these through their [Scheduled Courses] list. Promotional materials should include the Harrison Training logo.
  4. Send out application forms and process on receipt

    Harrison Training can provide all these document templates if required, i.e. application form, enquiry letter, confirmation letter. The application form needs to clearly state the course name, date, cost, location and contact details. Always include the Harrison Training confidentiality statement to protect you in the event of a participant infringing Harrison Training copyright.
  5. Send all relevant venue and accommodation information to Harrison Training

  6. Tutors will need local accommodation and travel information.
  7. Organise parking and signage at the venue

  8. Provide Harrison Training with a participants list

    A template for this is available. This enables us to produce the necessary course materials and afterwards, certificates of attendance.
  9. Confirm safe arrival of the course box of materials

    This is sent to the organiser, or another venue by agreement, and it will need to be signed for.

During The Course

After The Course

Ensure that course box is packed to include completed participant's registration forms, participant lists, and evaluation forms. The box needs to be very well sealed and taped in order for it to arrive back at Harrison Training intact. We will arrange for its collection.

Distribute course certificates to individual participants


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